.25ACP / 6.35x16mm Deconstruction (Remington 50gr FMJ, No. L25AP) Ammo Dismantling & Evaluation

.25ACP / 6.35x16mm Deconstruction (Remington 50gr FMJ, No. L25AP) Ammo Dismantling & Evaluation

Dismantling & Evaluation

Made by: Remington Peters USA
Bullet Weight: 50 Grains
Caliber: .25ACP / 6.35x16mm
Case Material: Brass
Bullet type: FMJ
Item number: L25AP
UAP Code: 0 47700 06730 8 – 047700067308

Round total Weight. 81.100 grain 5.255 grams
Round Overall length: 0.8980 inch 22.809 mm
Case Rim Ø: 0.3000 inch 7.6200 mm
Case Ø at top: 0.2760 inch 7.0104 mm
Case Base Ø: 0.2750 inch 6.9850 mm
Bullet weight: 49.800 grain 3.227 grams
Bullet largest Ø: 0.2495 inch 6.3373 mm
Bullet length: 0.6105 inch 11.316 mm
Total Propellant weight: 1.4000 grain 0.091 grams
Case Length: 0.6105 inch 15.507 mm
Case weight incl. Primer: 29.900 grain 1.937 grams

Scale: Made by Frankford Arsenal, model DS-750 (www.frankfordarsenal.com)
Caliper: Made by Limit, model 263970105 with ±0.02mm Inaccuracy (www.limit-tools-com)
Puller: Made by MEC Outdoors, model 1311095, kinetic Puller. (www.mecoutdoors.com)

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  1. gunnwild1 on May 26, 2023 at 4:54 am

    For some reason I thought a 25 ACP was smaller than that

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