1. Eric Madsen on November 13, 2021 at 8:18 pm

    Trump is invited to speak at the annual NRA meeting knowing that he banned bump stocks which is his first unconstitutional EO and they say nothing.

  2. C0110 on November 13, 2021 at 8:44 pm

    Way less maga hats than expected. Well done Indy.

  3. The Fockn on November 13, 2021 at 8:51 pm

    I think the real story here is how the NRA collude with gun manufacturing companies to keep and protect the 1989 foreign firearms act & few others which allows American manufacturers to maintain a monopoly over gun sales in the United States.

    The 1989 law also creates a huge inflation in the market by limiting the amount of firearms available for sale.

    Do you know how many federal gun laws the NRA has repealed in their lifetime which led to guns that were previously banned being available on the market again…..0

    The NRA is not some leader there simply Gatekeepers.

    The 1989 foreign Firearms ban established a monopoly for American gun manufacturers who were losing their butts in the 1980s when all of these foreign Firearms came on the market.

    Few notised but when tthe Obama Administration came into office gun stocks were being sold for the lowest prices in history.

    When Obama left office they were being traded at prices higher than ever before in the history of gun Manufacturing in America.

    Something strange noticed by few once again is that since they’ve been cataloging mass shootings the president that had the most mass shootings under his rule was Obama.

    President Clinton had somewhere around 27, they actually went down under Bush to 21 however under Obama there were around 250.

    What happens every time there was a mass shooting.

    The NRA with the assistance of the MSM (especially FOX) talks about how they’re going to take all our guns away.

    We run out and buy a bunch of guns and ammunition which inflates the price.

    The cost of an AR-15 within a week after Newtown went through the roof.

    Who made the money from all that?

    gun and ammunition manufacturers who are some of the largest per-capita donors to the NRA.

    Additionally for all the talk of wanting to take the guns away and how that is such a number one priority of democrats.

    However when Obama owned both houses what did they squeeze through Health Care.

    A few States passed some laws but there were no federal gun laws passed.

    There were a lot of threats but none past also do you have any idea how much money Obama made from the spike in gun sales.

    What about Dianne Feinstein and several other leftist gun-grabbers who made a hefty profit due to the unexpected spike in gun stock prices. I promise you the answers will shock you.

    Finally forget all of the conspiratorial sounding stuff I printed above let’s just look at the facts.

    If 1989 Firearms Act was ever repealed who would lose and who would gain?

    Who would gain is the average gun buyer the kind of guy that would rather trade a firearm for another firearm then get the cash for it.

    Not only would it drop prices all the way around the market but a flood of much better made foreign firearms from the actual manufacturers would come pouring into the United States.

    Why would you buy some Century Arms throw together AK-47 or FAL when you can get one from the actual company and for a quarter of the price.

    Who would lose not only the gun manufacturers but every gun store owner who has an inventory of these inferior throw together foreign weapons like Century Arms sell.

    The very second that Firearms ban is repealed you’re going to make the guns on their walls worthlessness because once again, why would you buy one of their FAL’s for $800 when you can get an authentic one for 500 or maybe even less.

    I challenge anyone to give the NRA a phone call as to speak to one of their lawyers about the 1989 Firearms ban.

    Ask them what efforts if any have they made to repeal it or what are there plans to do so.

    You will quickly find yourself ignored and if you’re persist with your efforts you will be met with hostility.

    Eventually you might come across a lawyer or somebody within the NRA that will just break the truth down to you because they know there’s nothing you can do about it.

    Why, because among the people who would care about guns the NRA is a sacred cow.

    Anything said negatively about the NRA will instantly trigger their cognitive dissonance and you will be ignored.

    I do believe the quote went something like this but it’s been a few years so I could be mistaken on one of the two of the words:

    "You know damn well why we will never ever repeal the 1989 act. Everyone in the building knows WHY!"

    "All of the manufacturers know WHY!"

    "And all the gun stores owners know WHY!"

    "Nobody who is financially dependent of guns in America is going to talk about it and if you continue to talk about it all of those people will stop talking to you. I admire you for figuring it out but you’re wasting your time."

    If you want to know more about this (and it gets even more scandalous) please follow the link. If you intend to do a video on this and would like more information than whats in the artical let me know. I can provide any thing you need on this subject.


  4. Izzy Long on November 13, 2021 at 9:12 pm

    @3:02 @Talon Sei