AR15 Post vs Preban Identification / Comparison

AR15 Post vs Preban Identification / Comparison

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If you lived through the Clinton administration and are a gun person, you are no doubtfully full aware of the Assault Weapons Ban of 1994. This ban was supposed to keep the bad guys from getting a hold of the evil black rifles that law makers believed were making the street dangerous. However, anyone with common sense knows that criminals will do bad things regardless of the law and that in most cases, these expensive, high dollar rifles were only used in small instances.

So the move by then President Bill Clinton and his Democratic held Congress passed this convoluted and inept law as more of a dog and pony show. Banning the AR15 like they did allowed them to hold up this evil black rifle for their loyal sheepish followers to see so that they would believe Utopia was right around the corner.

Any citizen that can think for themselves at least half the time knows that this ban was an attack on the 2nd Amendment in a long battle to disarm the US citizenry. Eventually the government will achieve disarmament of its people and wield the ultimate power over it’s subjects. Hopefully this is a long time out and most of us reading this will never see it. My advice… get into politics so you are the one marching the people to the gas chamber instead of you being marched in.

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