BR VINTAGE GARDE-CÔTES collection – Bell & Ross

BR VINTAGE GARDE-CÔTES collection – Bell & Ross

This year, further pursuing this strategy, Bell & Ross pays tribute to professionals who rescue at sea and, more specifically, to its helicopter pilots and divers, with two instruments designed to support them in their missions.

Bell & Ross has created two watches that meet the operational needs of professionals on the high seas. These military and civil units operate with helicopters in extremely risky and many times, spectacular tasks.

The historic Bell & Ross Vintage collection is the basis of the Garde-Côtes series. These two new watches inherit the round case, which has been redesigned for a sportier and more contemporary look. They also feature a trio of colors: grey, orange and white.

Soon available on our e-boutique and at our authorized retailers. Stay tuned.

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  1. tmurdock on January 2, 2023 at 1:04 am

    Beautiful addition to the new vintage line. One question though, can I have one?

  2. Harvey Ito on January 2, 2023 at 1:13 am

    Sweet! Unfortunately, I wear this out of respect for the real professionals!

  3. Muhammad Jalil Bin Jamail on January 2, 2023 at 1:15 am


  4. Eric De Waele on January 2, 2023 at 1:24 am

    @ Night Shift Gent this Saturday March 24th – Eskimofabriek – 04:00 pm – 04:00 am

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