How to Build and Design a Firearms eCommerce Website from Scratch with FFL (Federal Firearm License)

How to Build and Design a Firearms eCommerce Website from Scratch with FFL (Federal Firearm License)

How to Build, Create, and Design a Firearms eCommerce Website from Scratch:

Learn how to create a firearms website from scratch, as well as the difficulties of owning, operating, and marketing an eCommerce gun store, including the importance of an FFL regulations (Federal Firearms License).

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Consumers and dealers face a lot of issues due to the lack of integration between the parties involved in the online gun selling process, from the seller, to the FFL, to the ATF itself. Consumers face the issue of having to stay updated on their respective state’s online gun laws and regulations.

Online gun retailers need to deal with the lack of accessibility FFLs’ data while dealing with the regulations and requirements set forth by the ATF. We also talk about how the ATF’s failure to maintain its database constantly updated negatively affects online gun dealers.

FFL (Federal Firearm License) eCommerce compliance is an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to sell guns online. We discuss what FFL is and the barriers for gun dealers to stay compliant with ATF and FFL Rules.

Our Ship to FFL Functionality and API allows FFLs to upload their licenses and enables customers to select a local FFL to ship the gun they have purchased to when placing their online order. This functionality is aimed at online firearms dealers who are searching for an easily accessible and optimized way for their customers to locate local FFL dealers.

If it wasn’t for this functionality, FFL dealers would have to resort to physically scanning and sending copies of their FFLs (Federal Firearms Licenses) to online gun dealers while customers would have to take it upon themselves to search for local FFLs and make sure that the FFL they have selected has their license on file with the gun vendor they are making the purchase from.

You can learn more about Ship to FFL Functionality here:


FFL API is a platform for developers and Firearm Dealers that integrate with Bigcommerce, Volusion, Magento and Custom Ecommerce Systems.


If you’re looking for a hosted eCommerce solution, try BigCommerce. Shopify does not allow the sales of firearms on its platform. WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, and 3DCart are all open source solutions that you can look at. However, our recommendation is definitely BigCommerce.

If you would like a discount on your BigCommerce store, please reach out to us. Receive a 90-day trial and a free template on BigCommerce. The developers have been improving firearm websites for the past eight years and have honed their experience.

Start building your eCommerce firearm business today!

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How to Create and Design a Firearms eCommerce Website from Scratch:
00:00 Introduction
00:30 FFL Functionality and How it Works
01:58 Why Sell Forearms Online?
02:34 ATF Registration and Compliance
02:59 FFL Lookup and Shipping Functionality
03:52 Biggest Issue Firearms Dealers Encounter
05:15 Other Functionalities for Online Firearms Sellers
06:55 Back-End Operations (Inventory) of a Firearms eCommerce Website
07:40 Selling Other Products on Third Party Marketplaces
08:43 How Optimum7 Can Help You Build a Firearms eCommerce Website
09:37 Why BigCommerce is the Best Platform for a Firearms eCommerce Website

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