NRA meets in Texas amid protests after kids killed

NRA meets in Texas amid protests after kids killed

(27 May 2022)
Houston – 27 May 2022
1. Protesters at rally outside NRA convention
2. SOUNDBITE (English) Lina Hidalgo, Harris County Judge:
“We have a parade of politicians coming to the NRA convention trying to out freedom one another with this extreme perspective that any kind of common sense policy, any kind of gun safety protection, is taboo. They have gone so far, and that is not where the majority of Texans are and that is not where the majority of Harris County residents are.”
3. Protesters at rally
4. SOUNDBITE (English) Lina Hidalgo, Harris County Judge:
“Their weapons of mass destruction that are on a street, that is a man-made disaster and we can control that. Who gets their hands on those weapons of mass destruction? We can control that. And I’m afraid we’re being gaslit in this community, in the state and this country about the reasons behind the crime wave taking over our nation.”
5. Protesters at rally
6. SOUNDBITE (English) US Rep. Sheila Jackson, (D) Houston:
“So what I’m asking for the NRA to do is to cancel itself. Cancel yourself right now. Walk out of the building that is paid for by taxpayer dollars. Cancel yourself today. Cancel yourself tomorrow. Cancel yourself on Sunday. Walk out.”
7. Protesters at rally
With protesters shouting outside, the National Rifle Association has begun its annual convention in Houston, just days after a gunman killed 19 students and two teachers at an elementary school on the other side of the state.
Former President Donald Trump and other leading Republicans are scheduled to address the three-day gun industry marketing and advocacy event.
Some scheduled speakers and performers backed out, including several Texas lawmakers and performers.
Protesters demonstrated outside, including some holding crosses with photos of the Uvalde shooting victims.
The NRA said in an online statement that people attending the gun show would “reflect on” the Uvalde school shooting.
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    You people are so blind guns don’t kill people idiots do a firearm doesn’t stand up on its own I’m going to go kill you no it’s not the way it works it’s people you humans are the one that pulled the trigger the Constitution to bear arms it’s for people yourselves to use to protect yourselves against the crookedness of the government and against an invasion against your country don’t you realize what’s going on in Ukraine and Russia it’s an invasion so if your enemies were to think of doing the same how else would you defend yourself you people just don’t make no sense disarming yourselves will Aldi give the enemy the advantage and you owe you people wouldn’t live, and do you know how you make your country look what you are doing right now you make your country look weak very weak and you ain’t even realizing the FBI the CIA the PDA hasn’t even shown up when in fact the new this man was going to make a killing what do you think of that where is our protectors where’s our FBI where’s our CIA where is our homeland security where are they nowhere to be found and you are out there crying over a weapon when it’s never going to end because our government’s agenda is to destroy our own selves how about that and you still don’t realize still don’t realize people