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The Phoenix has everything you need for a lightweight, feature-rich, hunting riflestock. The stock material is formulated to take the harshest of environments, with no bending or warping in adverse conditions. It’s light, strong, and naturally absorbs recoil for those large, heavy-kicking calibers and the stock remains at a neutral temperature in extremely hot or cold environments.

“Grayboe has gone all in on making our stocks universal” states Ryan McMillan, Grayboe’s CEO. With all the different barrel contours and Remington clones on the market, anyone who doesn’t have an off-the-shelf Remington AWR or SPS is going to have to get some modifications done to their aftermarket stock, and modifications cost time and money. But these modifications are not the only extra fees a customer pays. These modifications slow down the manufacturing process driving the base price of the stock up; a two-for-one bad deal for the customer. The development of the Phoenix is another step in the advancement of Grayboe’s universal philosophy. Whatever barrel you have, whatever Remington clone you have, it will fit without any interference or modification. Everything drops right in. 

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  • Weighs approx 39 ounces
  • Fully adjustable cheek rest & butt stock to fit any shooter
  • Wide and flat forearm for enhanced stability on a rest or pack
  • Vertical grip with thumbshelf
  • Fits any barrel contour up to 1.250" straight.  You can now change out barrels with a barrel nut and not have to modify the stocks barrel channel in any way
  • 1" Limbsaver Airtech recoil pad
  • Embedded bubble level to ensure the rifle is level with the ground
  • Fits all aftermarket Remington 700 clone actions
  • No glass bedding required
  • Arrives to you drop in ready, bolt your rifle on and go shoot
  • Ambidextrous
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