1. ronws2007 on February 3, 2023 at 2:03 am

    Excellent video and going easy on the terminology. Stays out of the way of making a point. And you highlighted something that has become so important to me. Action screw torque and how it sits in any particular stock. I have a Mossberg Patriot .308 Win and I would get 1 to 2 MOA with that original plastic stock, which kicks like an angry mule. So, I had transplanted to an MDT chassis and put on a Pachmayr slip-on. That brought that same rifle down to 1 MOA after 60 rounds of stopping only long enough to reload the magazine. Indoors, so, no winter temps. The rifle got hot and I rode it like a rented mule.

    I was having problems keeping my eye box and decided to go back to the original stock, for giggles. On the rear action screw, I heard a crack. The mag well is a spacer and that had cracked. I superglued that. Then tried again. In the stock, there is a gap in the guide for the rear action screw. I thought I had cracked that, trying to tighten down the 45 in-lbs (BTW, I think you meant in-lbs in your specs.) So, I ordered a replacement stock from Mossberg. Same gap, it is a manufacturing process. And I could not get the rear screw to bite enough to get good torque. Therefore, you will have movement in the rear of the action. You are lucky to get on paper.

    As opposed to my TC Compass II in .308 Win. It does not have such a gap. The stock and mag well are all one piece. there is a removable lug for the action (keep the lug in.) And metal pillars for bedding. I had recently transplanted that to an Oryx chassis, chasing a fraction of an inch reduction from my already proven .5 MOA average, regardless of heat. I shoot no less than 40 rounds a trip, no cool down, drive it like you stole it. Magazine feed problems with the ACIS. I never had a single problem with the TC 5 round rotary mag.

    So, I have put it back in the original stock and was able to torque down to 50 in-lbs, which is close to the Oryx spec and it did fine, no stripping. Ancient engineering principle, if it works, don’t fix it. Anyway, the TC Compass also has the Mauser action with a 3 lug bolt, 60 degree throw, and three position lever safety. It has become my favorite hunting rifle because of these safety features and surgical accuracy. At 50 yards and less, I am going through the same hole. Granted, I am using store bought.

    Oddly enough, I had tried some bigger brands like Hornady. Averaged 1 to 1.5 MOA. Then I tried el cheapo from Armscor, the 168 gr HPBT. That shrunk to .5 MOA. So, I did find a bigger brand that does the same. Federal Fusion 165 gr has similar BC and performance. I like the Federal better because they are using better brass. The casings from Armscor sometimes jam and I have to tap my bolt knob with a velvet hammer to get it loose. So, I buy Fusion 165 whenever the price dips to a nice level. I just got some at $1.55/rd.

    I am a Mossberg fan boy and have 3 pieces by them. But Thompson Center makes the better stock. Mossberg should redesign their molding process and put in metal pillars. It might add some cost but it is a better value in the market.

    I have also been a fan boy of Vortex. And I got caught up in the hub bub over Arken. So, I got some of those. This weekend is about the second or third time this has happened. The allen screws backed off and the outer rings with markings was free spinning on the windage. I had not been doing anything with it. It was in the gun cabinet for most of a month. So, I have put my Venom back on. Great glass and scales that hold on.

    So, I would say, hold on to that Monarch. Nikon does not make rifle scopes, any more and whatever you can find is either used or back stock.

  2. Guardian Minifarm on February 3, 2023 at 2:03 am

    Appreciate the detail & data. Enjoyed it. Good old rifle. Great caliber.

  3. John Karaphillis on February 3, 2023 at 2:12 am

    .243 great cartridge to load. IMR4064 never worked out for me even with lighter bullets. Thanks

  4. Mike on February 3, 2023 at 2:31 am

    I never heard you mentioned the bullet weight or what type of bullet. A Ruger has a 1 in 10 twist and if you were shooting 100 grain boat Tails or 105 grains they are not going to properly stabilize in fact you need a 90 grain or lighter to properly stabilize in that gun , but you failed to mention what bullet you were shooting which is important

  5. VitoEb1978 on February 3, 2023 at 2:36 am

    Outdoor Generalist if it’s accuracy your after, might I recommend using the CBTO method during your load development instead of The COAL method. Your groups will get tighter, your ES & ED’s will be more consistent .

  6. Rio Bravo Multimedia on February 3, 2023 at 2:48 am

    What bullet? Did you ever say??