Taurus Millenium PT132, .32 ACP (7,65×17 mmSR/7,65 mm Browning)

Taurus Millenium PT132, .32 ACP (7,65×17 mmSR/7,65 mm Browning)

Type: Semiautomatic pistol
Produced: 2001-2004
Caliber: 32 ACP (7,65×17 mmSR/7,65 mm Browning)
Action: Blowback
Trigger: Double action only
Safety: Thumb lever (frame), firing pin block, slide stop
Magazine: 10 rounds
Sights: Rear, open sight fixed, square notch; Front, ramp shape fixed; three dots sight
Grooves: 6 grooves, right-hand twist
Barrel length: 3.25″ (82,5 mm)
Overall length: 6.125″ (155,5 mm)
Muzzle energy: 118 ft-lb (160 J)
Muzzle velocity: 865 ft/s (264 m/s)

The Taurus Millennium series is a series of pistols manufactured by the Brazilian firearms manufacturer Taurus Weapons based on the mechanism of the Taurus PT 24/7 pistols. There were developed with a focus on the civilian market, for use by the police and security forces as a secondary weapon, had a great success in the civilian arms market in the United States and among police forces in Brazil during the 2000s.
Taurus Millennium series includes six different models and their variants. In 1997, foram introduced to the market the models called Standard with compact frame, short barrel and capacity for 10 to 14 shots. The first models manufactured (Standard) used a trigger system for double action only (DAO, or double action only).
In the year 2000, Taurus was elected Arms Manufacturer of the Year in the USA due to the commercial success of the PT 111 Millennium pistol.
As of the year 2003, the same pistols will also be manufactured and marketed in the Pro model, although the Standard models will cease to be manufactured in 2005.
Taurus Millennium Pro series pistols are manufactured with injection molded polymer frames and blued carbon steel, stainless steel or titanium slides. The Millennium Pro pistols offer many improvements over the previous ‘Standard’ Millennium models, but were introduced as enhancements to the originals, not to supplant them. Pro versions have now been released for nearly all of the standard Millennium models. Some features of the Pro line include optional increased magazine capacities, larger and easier to operate controls, a double action (DA/SA) trigger mechanism on some models with reduced trigger travel and an improved smoother and lighter trigger pull, an enhanced frame, and an improved more ergonomic grip design.
This same year it was launched as the PT 745 Pro, as a more compact version of the PT 145. Pro.
Versions are:

Taurus PT 111 – in 9mm Parabellum caliber in the Standard and Pro models
Taurus PT 132 – in .32 Auto in the Standard and Pro models
Taurus PT 138 – in .380 Auto in the Standard and Pro models
Taurus PT 140 – in .40 S&W we Standard and Pro models
Taurus PT 145 – in .45 ACP in the Standard and Pro models
Taurus PT 745 Pro – in .45 ACP

In 2015, Taurus was prosecuted in the USA for manufacturing defects that would cause accidents and accidental shooting with weapons of various models, including all of the Millennium line with the exception of two G2 products. Without admitting their falsities, Taurus paid nearly 39 million dollars in compensation for North American justice. Lawyers linked to the process will inform that about 965 thousand teriam pistols have been affected without recall.
In 2016, the Military Police of the Federal District detected the same flaws in the Taurus 840 and 24/7 models, leading the Brazilian Army to investigate and discover a series of flaws that also affected the Millennium pistols. The Military Police of the State of São Paulo, Brazil, also collected some two PT 140 models used by the police of the corporation.

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