The worst 1911 I have purchased.

The worst 1911 I have purchased.

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I love the 1911 and have been buying them most of my life. The 1911 was a great military pistol and it survived long past its expected service life and is still in wide spread use today. However, not all 1911’s are created the same. The worst 1911 I bought I have kept because it’s somewhat rare these days. But it still is a complete mess.

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  1. philip overholt on December 27, 2022 at 12:50 am

    true that junk poor feeding got ride of it

  2. ShellShock794 on December 27, 2022 at 12:50 am

    A little personal note for the issue about false lock backs at 17:21

    I have a Rich Island Armory 1911 that I absolutely HATED when I bought it because it got constant false lock backs. I thought it was my grip and changed my grip and the problem still happened. Ok, I thought, maybe it was the factory magazine! I bought two Wilson mags aaaand still got the same issue. Surely replacing the slide lock/release would solve it! I ordered a Wilson slide lock that fit exactly the same and made zero impact.

    So then I assumed that since it was a cheaper gun that maybe it just needed to break in. Well, after 500+ rounds I was still getting false lock backs on every single magazine.

    Seriously, I put over 500 rounds through a gun with maybe, MAYBE 3 or 4 flawless magazines.

    Finally, in a last ditch effort, I took a metal file and VERY carefully and VERY slowly filed down the tip of the slide lock. One thing I had noticed in my 300 or so false locks is that every single time it was locking back, it was BARELY catching on the tip of the release. I spent probably about an hour filing the tip of that release, almost going 1-2 passes with the file at a time until I made it so that the slide would not lock unless half or more of the release was contacting the slide.

    I have not had a single issue since and the gun has run flawlessly.

    It’s not ideal but it’s what I did and it works

  3. 77Starla on December 27, 2022 at 12:51 am

    No surprise here. In the 1990s I was drawn to Kimber. I thought they made beautiful guns and were pretty revered as a quality pistol. Unfortunately, by the time I was able to afford one, the quality dropped drastically and just weren’t what they once were. I have owned several and they were all problematic. Ironically, the SIS I owned was the most reliable of the bunch. Kimber does have good customer service and we became on a first name basis, but I have since sold every Kimber and replaced them all with Dan Wesson, which are far superior and have been fantastic pistols.

  4. Nicholas Malone on December 27, 2022 at 12:52 am

    I hate Kimber, good video

  5. Joe on December 27, 2022 at 12:53 am

    Last year I purchased a Kimber Micro 9 Black Ice. When i got home I went out to shoot it. I shot the first round and it failed to eject. The extractor wouldn’t even grab the round at all. Had to use a stick to push out the spent casing. Took it in the house and the extractor was way too short. It wasn’t even sticking out from the face of the breach. I believe it was a .380 ACP extractor in a 9mm slide. Put snap caps in there….nope, wouldn’t extract anything. Yes, they fixed it but had to send it back. There’s no way anyone test fired this gun at the factor or they would have caught this problem. Had to send it back again but that’s a whole another story. I bought a TLE II in 2015 and it’s a great gun and runs great.

  6. William on December 27, 2022 at 12:55 am

    I’ve heard bad things about them from credible people and also heard outstanding things about them from credible people. My personal preference in 1911’s are 70 series models. I feel they are a bit more reliable or atleast were. Machining has improved a lot just in the last 15 years alone not to mention since the last 30years so newer ones are pretty reliable. Rock Island is making some solid ones at a reasonable price these days with areas corrected and strengthened that we’re known for failure in the past

  7. David inOklahoma on December 27, 2022 at 12:55 am

    Kimber Ultra 3.5" Barrel inherently unreliable?

    In 2011 my very beautiful new Kimber Raptor Ultra (3.5" barrel) jammed consistently. I sent it back to Kimber twice. The first time Kimber worked on it and shipped it back. The second time, at my request, they swapped me for a full size Raptor. (I was very pleased with how Kimber treated me. Tim, my guess is they would have treated you well too if you sent that thing back.) Prior to me sending it back the 2cnd time, I called Wilson Combat and requested them to service it. Wilson told me that they would not service a 45 ACP gov model with a barrel length less than 4", as they considered shorter barrel lengths inherently unreliable.

  8. Sean Brando_74 on December 27, 2022 at 12:59 am

    I like the ultra raptor from the custom shop, those are slick. I’ve owned 2 Kimber’s, an old custom shop compact gun and a full size TLE I think it was… had a black finish and was like 850$ on sale. As long as I used Wilson or Colt mags they worked but that compact 4” custom shop (pawn shop find) was very snappy as to be expected. They both ran fine as long as I ONLY used the kimber mags for clearance drills……

  9. jwdickieson on December 27, 2022 at 1:00 am

    Out of all the gun reviewers that I watch the vast majority of them do not seem to like Kimber 1911s, I’ve never owned one and never shot one so I don’t really have a dog in the fight, but you’d think the fact that most reviewers seem to not care for them Kimber may want to fix that.

  10. tibzig1 on December 27, 2022 at 1:00 am

    I agree wholeheartedly with you. I bought a Kimber Classic back in 1995 for $600.00 new. That was a small fortune for me back then. The pistol’s finish was "OK" but nothing to write home about. I have never carried it as an everyday carry gun and have put some 2000 or so rounds through it and have never had a issue. No jams or stovepipes etc. Accuracy was very impressive for a bad shot like me! LOL! Last year while field stripping it I discovered that the plastic buffer around the guide rod had died a terrible death years ago being flattened into oblivion but the pistol had continued to function. Did I get one of the earlier versions? Just curious.

  11. Justin Rogers on December 27, 2022 at 1:01 am

    You had better luck with than me,never had mine run a full mag without a malfunction and we had two of them 👎👎

  12. Mike Cude on December 27, 2022 at 1:01 am

    I’ve had many different 1911s from full customs to a Rock Island and some Kimbers…Kimber is trash. I’d take my RIA over 10 Kimbers. Every kimber I’ve owned was a mess. I lusted after the SIS. I’d recommend the Springfield Armory professional.

  13. Karl Haber on December 27, 2022 at 1:02 am

    I watch this video to find out about the specific firearm you mentioned in the title. I was expecting intelligence reasons for why you focus one specific firearm was the worst one you live old in that class. I did not click on to this video to have you discuss every one of your favorite ones. I consider this video clickbait

  14. pnasty SaVage on December 27, 2022 at 1:03 am

    The wood grips look pretty sharp though.

  15. pnasty SaVage on December 27, 2022 at 1:04 am

    Oh yeah this one, SIS pretty much went with glocks and what ever they prefered. I DOUBT this was ever carried in the field by an SIS officer.

  16. eolson1964 on December 27, 2022 at 1:07 am

    When my father died I inherited his Kimber Compact Custom which he purchased in 1999. The gun runs flawlessly and 3.5 lb trigger pull right from the factory. I had heard Kimber developed a lot of problems after that. I own a few 1911’s all of them are mid-tier guns and been extremely happy with them. another that has been making quality low priced 1911s is Tisas. I had and sell it to pay some bills it was a big regret in selling it.

  17. Lee Morris on December 27, 2022 at 1:07 am

    I bought a Kimber solo carry and it destroyed itself! Poor metal tempering! Junk, unreliable and expensive!

  18. Alberto Arellon III on December 27, 2022 at 1:08 am

    $500 guns from the Philippines are really not for competitive shooting nor your standard self-defense carry. They are quite useful and applicable locally (in the country of origin) though. Why?

    *Average price for a FMJ round in the PH: more or less a $1
    *Average daily income for a freelance "Master" Carpenter: around $15-$18
    *They are most commonly used by hired gunmen which are paid around $3,000-$4,000 per target, maybe (high profile targets around $10,000; according to news and investigations apparently)

    So yeah, they’re cheap and will fire around 50 rounds or less reliably, which may or may not be what they are most probably designed to do.

  19. JNino on December 27, 2022 at 1:09 am

    I have a Kimber Micro 9, never had an issue. Maybe I’m lucky.

  20. Sarg1611 on December 27, 2022 at 1:11 am

    The best 1911 I ever owned was a Dan Wesson. It was a competition pistol. A guy I worked with back in ‘05 made me an offer I couldn’t refuse for it. I should have refused but didn’t.
    It was “the one that got away.”

  21. J-Kam Automotive on December 27, 2022 at 1:14 am

    Rock island efs owner here. No issues so far with 600+ round through it.. hopefully it holds up🤣😂

  22. doug cobb on December 27, 2022 at 1:15 am

    kimbers are fine..worthless comment..

  23. Zraupp10 on December 27, 2022 at 1:16 am

    I really want Springfield emissary, never in stock, so i bought Ruger Officer and its OK, I’m sure the Springfield emissary is better
    Zero problems with Ruger Officer, al might replace my G19 as my carry gun

  24. Afterburnt420 on December 27, 2022 at 1:17 am


  25. R Bee on December 27, 2022 at 1:17 am

    Eleven minutes of BS before you got to the meat of the video.

  26. Skip Boyer on December 27, 2022 at 1:18 am

    I bought a Kimber Super Carry Pro HD. Right on the side of it, it is engraved with "Custom Shop. The trigger was absolutely horrendous, so, I called them. "I thought this pistol was from your custom shop!" I was told that the only thing custom on those pistols was the finish….every Kimber has the same internals and are fitted exactly the same way……I paid $1300 for that gun! I have a friend that loves his older full size and carries his religiously.

  27. Peter Chiara on December 27, 2022 at 1:19 am

    I just purchased a Kimber II Raptor because I was told this pistol is different, similar to the old style, it is not mass produced, a custom shop model?

  28. Larry Holton on December 27, 2022 at 1:19 am

    lmao … you don’t know the difference between a Target grade and a battle grade and yet you’re giving advice

  29. Andrew Cuevas on December 27, 2022 at 1:22 am

    Guy’s a turd

  30. J. Curtis Sims on December 27, 2022 at 1:26 am

    Bad mouths 1911s made in the Philippines, but goes on to talk about how Colt frames will crack. Got to love it.

  31. Eric Heinicke on December 27, 2022 at 1:26 am

    Kimber never made 1911s in Oregon

  32. Ben Jammin on December 27, 2022 at 1:28 am

    What a fucking snob, I dont buy $500 dollar guns? Good for you…

  33. Gregory Maupin on December 27, 2022 at 1:30 am

    As a sailor I had to qualify on the.45 you couldn’t run fast enough to give me that one.

  34. O NOES on December 27, 2022 at 1:30 am

    MAC: My Kimber isthe worst 1911 I’ve ever owned.
    *AMT has entered the room*

  35. OBK on December 27, 2022 at 1:32 am

    I have a kimber eclipse custom 2. It has amazing slide cuts and has been 100% reliable always used Wilson combat mags. 300 rounds no issues.

  36. doug cobb on December 27, 2022 at 1:32 am

    colt sucks..,and stop being a knife salesman..

  37. Johnny RC on December 27, 2022 at 1:33 am

    Agree…. I had a Kimber, ended up getting rid of it. Not impressed. My much cheaper brownings were WAY more reliable, and easier to cleans.

  38. Todd Walker on December 27, 2022 at 1:34 am

    I must have gotten my Kimbers before problems started because I have 1000s and 1000s of rounds through all mine . Never a single issue of any kind through 100s of IDPA matches. I did get mine in the early 2000s. Only 1911s I’ve ever had problems with were Colts .

  39. Blvck on December 27, 2022 at 1:35 am


  40. Michael on December 27, 2022 at 1:35 am

    I know own 3 Kimber 1911’s. The ultra Crimson Carry in 45, has been phenomenal outta box. The 10mm Camp Guard and the Black Ice Rapide, in 9mm have both been a P.O.S. the internal finish and fitment are terrible. When you spend that much money on a gun, it should just run. You shouldn’t have to rap the slide into battery 3 outta 5 shots.
    No more kimbers for me.

  41. Jim Hollenbeck on December 27, 2022 at 1:36 am

    Why does Colt put out a 1911 with any "issues?" I acquired my 1943 Remington Rand 1911 in 1975, I had three stove pipes the first time I took it out, after that was addressed (using the right ammo) I have never had an issue. So why now Colt? Or any other builder? The 1911 has been around, well, since 1911! FIGURE IT OUT!

  42. Bill Hoppe on December 27, 2022 at 1:39 am

    I have a friend that keeps buying these clunkers that jam all the time and insists they just need to break in and be cleaned more ofter. Beautiful boat anchors.

  43. Mike P on December 27, 2022 at 1:42 am

    people buy all these fancy built up 1911s w all the bells and whistles thinking it will make them a better shooter. but what’s funny is the cheap ones are more reliable than the expensive ones. i got an ria tactical to supplement my colt. also have a glock 19. glocks are boring but they work.

  44. Stars N’ Stripes Forever on December 27, 2022 at 1:42 am

    Super pog

  45. Patrick Toms on December 27, 2022 at 1:43 am

    I Actually agree… Some of the older Kimbers were great… but there has been to many problems with the newer ones…. I personally would t buy one at this point.

  46. Norse Man on December 27, 2022 at 1:44 am

    13:35 It cannot be that hard to pull the slide even with wet hands, or ?

  47. Bigfoot ain't real on December 27, 2022 at 1:46 am

    The worst 1911 that I owned was a Taurus. It made a great paperweight.

  48. Sean Brando_74 on December 27, 2022 at 1:46 am

    Nice blades…….for sure. I REALLY love that tanto.

  49. BunyipDude on December 27, 2022 at 1:47 am

    My first (and so far only) 1911 is a Kimber Custom TLE II, which I bought due to its rep as the LAPD SWAT sidearm, and also because it was featured on another YouTube channel that I watch. I like the feel/look of the gun, and it shoots well (disclaimer: only taken it to the range once so far). My biggest issue is that it has required quite a few upgrades in order to make it suitable for shooting: So far, I’ve replaced the trigger, the safety, the slide release, the sights, the guide rod, and the mags, plus I had to add a Sten Chen magwell because I kept cutting my fingers on the edges of the factory magwell. All told, I’ve spent close to $300 upgrading my Kimber, which is frustrating for a gun that cost $1,100 when I bought it. If I had known I’d wind up spending so much money to upgrade it, I would have gladly bought something cheaper (e.g., a Springfield Armory) instead.

  50. Vince Ruland on December 27, 2022 at 1:49 am

    My Stainless TLE II has never had a failure.