TOP 12 New Handguns JUST REVEALED At Shot Show for 2023

TOP 12 New Handguns JUST REVEALED At Shot Show for 2023

TOP 12 New Handguns JUST REVEALED At Shot Show for 2023

Number 12. Bond Arms (SRP: $269)
A leader in the derringer space, Bond Arms has found success with an economical interpretation of an existing design. The Roughneck series of derringers are similar in appearance to the well-known Bond Arms Backup models, but are more affordable. For 2022, the Roughneck will be available in a recoil-friendly .380 ACP. The very concealable gun has a barrel length of only 2.5 inches.
Roughneck pistols are built with one purpose in mind — close-­range personal defense. The 2½-­inch barrels are held in place by a transversely-­mounted hinge screw that can be removed with a hex key. A machined abutment on the top of the breech acts as hinge point between the frame and barrels. When the locking lever on the left side of the pistol is pressed downward, it releases spring tension and the barrels can be tipped up for loading. Cartridges are placed in the top and bottom chambers and the barrels are then flipped back into battery where they lock against the frame. There’s a crossbolt safety that must be pressed to the right to disengage, and a cutout in the safety allows you to lock the gun and render it inoperable.

Number 11. SCCY Firearms ( SRP: $299.99; $399.99, with red-dot sight.)
The SCCY Firearms DVG-1 is a striker-fired pistol chambered in 9mm Luger. It utilizes the Roebuck Quadlock Barrel System and has 10+1 capacity, all in a sub-compact footprint made for everyday carry. Additional features include forward slide serrations for ease of manipulation, a flat 5.5-pound trigger with minimal pre/post travel, a common sight cut, and an enhanced grip texture.

Number 10. Taurus USA (SRP: $371.05, black; $388.32, stainless.)
Taurus‘ most popular personal-defense revolver, the 856, will now be chambered for the .327 Federal. The .327 Federal Magnum is one of the “dark horse” cartridges in the personal defense world. Based on a lengthened .32 H&R Magnum cartridge case, the .327 Federal Magnum exceeds the performance of its parent cartridge with velocity pushing toward the .357 Magnum range without the heavy perceived recoil pulse.
The new Taurus 327 is a double-action/single-action, two-inch-barrel firearm that is multi-cartridge compatible, able to accept .32 H&R Magnum and .32 S&W Long cartridges. The matte-black carbon-steel or stainless-steel barrel, cylinder and frame are backed by a recoil-absorbing, comfortable rubber grip that provides excellent retention in a compact handgun platform. The Taurus 327’s front, serrated ramp sight and no-snag rear sight channel provide quick and clear target acquisition supported by consistent accuracy.

Number 9. SAR USA (SRP: $452, black; $484, stainless.)
The American subsidiary of longtime Turkish weapons manufacturer Sarsilmaz, SAR USA, is releasing the SAR9 Compact. As the name implies, this is a compact version of the company’s popular full-size SAR9 pistol, chambered in 9mm Luger. The striker-fired, polymer-frame gun ships with 15-round mags (10-round mags are offered for restrictive jurisdictions). Three choices of interchangeable backstrap/side panels are included. Components include a hammer-forged barrel with recessed crown and a black oxide slide. There is also a stainless-steel slide option. The SAR9 design has a low bore axis for recoil minimization.

Number 8. American Tactical (SRP: $459.95)
When introduced in 2020, the American Tactical FXH-45 Moxie boasted a patented polymer frame with two metal inserts for added stability and durability. It also featured a 4140 steel slide with a Parkerized finish. The frame was built to have an ergonomic feel with built-in finger grooves. For 2022, this model was joined by the new, slightly smaller FXH Moxie 1911 Commander in .45 ACP. The polymer frame has black polymer grips, and the slide is phosphate finished. Comes with one eight-round mag and front and rear sights. Barrel length is 4.25 inches and weight is 1.2 pounds without the mag. Available in black or FDE.

Number 7. Heckler & Koch (SRP: $479)
The new Heckler & Koch MP5 .22LR pistol clone is chambered in .22 LR. It has a blowback-style action fed by a 10- or 25-round mag. The barrel is 8.5 inches long. In essence, it’s a fully functional submash pistol, like the MP5/SP5 with a buttcap.

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