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  1. duke morrison on November 2, 2021 at 5:48 pm

    Another attempt by the “radical “ Communists who call themselves Democrats to violate your U.S Second Amendment rights. What they cannot accomplish on the Federal level they are attempting on a State level. “The right to keep and bare arms SHALL NOT be infringed “. This is an infringement. They can’t LEGALLY seize your firearms so they will “conspire” to financially ruin gun manufacturers so “you” cannot purchase firearms. They are attempting what the British army attempted in 1775 at Lexington and Concord in Massachusetts. They wanted to” illegally seize” the colonist black powder and firearms to render them “powerless” to resist. As we know it did’t turn out well for the Brit’s for this became known as “The Shot Heard Around The World” the beginning of the American Revolution. Today we have these “radical social warriors” who wish to “Force” their will upon you. They are on a “crusade” as the British Army was in 1775. To them it doesn’t matter they have to “conspire” to break the law and violate your Second Amendment Rights. In all Facist and Communist regimes first order of business is to “confiscate” all firearms thus rendering the populous defenseless. “The State” can now enact and enforce any law it sees fit. Should you resist, off to the “gulag” you go or worse. We can resist. We can Vote Out Of Office the politicians who appointed these “radicals” and send them packing. Retirees can close out their State Retirement Accounts by transferring their funds to a private retirement account (not controlled by the State of Connecticut) operated by a financial advisor of your choosing. We need to send a message to these “Radical Politicians”. We will not tolerate you or any anyone else who violates our rights. We will not be part of your “Devious “ plots or allow you to manipulate us or our financial well being. We must remain vigilant in protecting our Democracy from these “Radicals”. These “good deed doers” are using your money and making policy without your consent.